Race to the top in Shanghai




November 2018

The entire NFIC team was in China for a team-building event like no other.

Spectacular projects and unusual challenges have always been one of NFIC’s specialities. And if there’s one place where some of the world’s most breathtaking buildings can be found today, it’s the city of Shanghai.

In order to admire these buildings in person, but also and especially to strengthen team spirit, all the NFIC employees decided to fly to the Chinese megalopolis in October 2018.

A vertical challenge

For three days, they travelled around the city, discovering its extraordinary architecture and dynamic, ever evolving neighbourhoods.

Alongside traditional meals and a cultural visit by jeep, they also took part in an original sporting challenge: a vertical race that brings together thousands of runners from all over the world every year.

The event starts at the bottom of one of the tallest buildings in the financial district and the runners race to reach the top. It was a difficult but friendly event, which our team faced with energy and good humour.