We have been pushing the boundaries for our customers for 25 years.

Established in 1996, our office supports architects and project owners and helps them to develop the full potential of their projects. Together with you, we find solutions that keep your buildings as pure as you imagined them to be, while respecting your budget.

Our close-knit, highly skilled team is proficient in all areas of engineering. What is more, it is able to think outside the box to find innovative solutions. We add a bold, new dimension to your projects.

"We are engineers of all that is different”"

Our philosophy

Engineering is about science and precision, but we believe it wouldn’t be quite the same without a touch of genius. This is why we are committed to creating clearer, purer, bolder projects with you.

We cultivate non-conformism and out-of-the-box thinking, because we think of obstacles as exciting challenges. This is why we will go back to the drawing board as many times as necessary to make the impossible possible.

We love it when crazy ideas come to life. We love to push the boundaries, to help you go the extra mile.

Our skills

NFIC cultivates both boldness and vision

To achieve this, we rely on a close-knit, multidisciplinary team with a wide range of skills, who understand the full potential of engineering and know how to think outside the box.

Engineers, BIM coordinators and designers, technicians, draughtsmen and BIM managers

Our team comprises a wide range of profiles with the sole aim of taking your ideas to the next level. No project is too small, or too crazy.

NFIC is a multi-specialist engineering firm

NFIC is capable of designing and building all types of structures and infrastructures. We excel in the field of new reinforced concrete structures as well as in timber and steel structures, with a particular focus on composite materials and sustainable construction. We are also experts in the reinforcement, conversion and upgrading of existing structures.

With 25 years of experience

We understand the challenges facing the construction industry. This openness gives us the ability to look at each project in a holistic way. It also allows us to support project owners in the completion of their most complex projects, by providing assistance and advice.


Innovative and forward-looking, we are constantly seeking to further our expertise by using the latest technological advances. Research and development are therefore an integral part of our identity.

Our innovative spirit is particularly evident in the use of the latest digital tools for the modelling and planning of new structures, as well as for the analysis and predictive maintenance of existing structures.

In addition to this, we conduct extensive research into materials, such as composite and radiolucent materials, translucent concrete and recycled concrete. Carried out in collaboration with the academic world and the construction industry, this research combines a cutting-edge theoretical foundation with solutions that can be applied directly on site.

Our partnership with the major Swiss universities is one of NFIC’s unique features. We regularly follow master’s students and participate in workshops with the EPFL. One of our staff members also hold doctoral degrees. To consult his thesis, click on:

Filip Niketic

Article: https://actu.epfl.ch/news/new-system-uses-floor-vibrations-to-detect-buildin/


Amandine Delay

Civil Draughtswoman – BIM Designer

André Madeira

Civil Draughtsman – BIM Coordinator

Anthony Gatta

Civil Engineer (EPFL)

Arlindë Hasani

Civil Engineer (HES)

Axel Glutz

Civil Engineer (EPFL)

Cécile Falcy

Civil Draughtswoman – BIM Designer

David Fernandez Gallardo

Civil Draughtsman – BIM Designer

Emmanuel Niedermann

Civil Engineer (EPFL) – Member of the Management Board - BIM Manager

Eric Pointet

Civil Engineer - Expert in Railway Engineering (ETS - EPFL)

Filipe Maiorana

Dessinateur en génie civil – Technicien ES en bâtiment

Franck Neuenschwander

Civil Draughtsman – BIM Designer

Giovanni Barbera

Civil Draughtsman – BIM Designer

Giuseppe Donia

Partner, Civil Engineer (HES) – SIA

Hamid Hoxha

Civil Engineer (HES)

Khawla Hsseini

Civil Draughtswoman

Loïc Pichard

EPFL Civil Engineering Intern

Loris Liaudat

Civil Draughtsman – BIM Designer

Marion Seydoux

Civil Engineer (HES)

Mathis Bucher

Civil Draughtsman

Méry Gros

Project Assistant

Mounim Meskine

Civil Engineer (EPFL)

Nicolas Fehlmann

Administrator, Civil Engineer (EPFL) – SIA – REG A

Nizar Bouzayen

Civil Draughtsman

Nouha Oueslati

Civil Draughtswoman

Priyanth Premabalan

Apprentice Civil Draughtsman

Roberto Biancaniello

Civil Draughtsman / Technician – BIM Designer

Robin Freymond

Apprentice Civil Draughtsman

Romain Rütti

Civil Draughtsman / Technician – BIM Designer

Samia Kaabi

Civil Draughtswoman

Sarra Ben Haouala

Partner, Civil Engineer (EPFL) – SIA – MBA HEC Lausanne

Thivagar Arumugam

Civil Draughtsman – BIM Designer

Tynan Desponds

Apprentice Civil Draughtsman


At NFIC, we are always looking to the future. The same applies to our recruitment policy. We value talent that is driven by a desire to innovate, to go beyond the ready-made solutions and to continually challenge. We also encourage the development of a new generation of engineers, by welcoming apprentices, interns and young graduates at the beginning of their careers.

Do you recognise yourself in this description? Please do send us a speculative application or respond to one of the vacancies below:


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