Îlot Sud – Morges


2017 – 2021

Owner of the project



Fehlmann Architectes SA

Magizan SA

Total cost

CHF 70 millions

The challenge

Close to the SBB station, in the heart of the city of Morges, the "îlot sud" is a new generation neighbourhood. It is both a place to live and an economic and social catalyst, with 162 flats available exclusively for rent, as well as a large number of shops and services to meet the needs of commuters and local residents alike. As innovative as it is sustainable, the project designed by Fehlmann Architectes and Magizan also has the distinction of being entirely Minergie certified. In addition, there were many other challenges: first of all, the diverse geology, which means that the building had to be built right on the water table; secondly, the challenge of building a tall, slender structure; and last but not least, the need to manage the entire project with BIM.

Our response

While the project was ambitious in its design, it was completed successfully. In order to master the particular geology of the terrain, we modelled the different soil strata and their short and long term behaviours. To complete this multi-storey construction (with 3 basements and 2 towers of up to 15 floors!), we were able to analyse the existing water table and the requirements associated with the height of the buildings. Finally, we managed to meet the need to build in the town centre, with all the complications that this entailed. There's a good reason we like to push boundaries.