Le Crayon – EPFL


2019 - 2021

Owner of the project

Fabrique sonore Rohrwerk


Made In Sàrl Architecture

The challenge

Created by the Rohrwerk sound factory, Le Crayon is a one of a kind. This new type of musical instrument takes the form of a giant 41-metre high acoustic pencil, serving as an open space for concerts, performances and debates on contemporary architecture. To make the challenge even more exciting, this mobile and ephemeral installation had to be transportable to be presented in 5 Swiss cities: Basel, Zurich, Lucerne, Lausanne and Geneva.

Our response

Although the design of Le Crayon was the work of the firm Made In sàrl in Zurich and Geneva, NFIC was able to contribute all its technical expertise to the project. We were commissioned to study the safety of the structure in different scenarios of use – given its height, the installation had to be able to withstand a wind force of up to 47 km/h – as well as to analyse the balance and fixation system on the ground. A magnificent challenge for a breathtaking project.