Restaurant, library and media library of the High School – Borex-Crassier


2016 - 2017

Owner of the project

Intermunicipal association Asse and Boiron – AIAB


Christoph Schwander Architekten GmbH


Total cost

CHF 10 millions

The challenge

The new complex of the Elisabeth de Portes school in Borex-Crassier includes a restaurant and a library/media library. The architecture, by Christoph Schwander Architekten, elegantly combines wood and concrete. In addition to the technical constraints of such a structure, the construction had to meet very high safety requirements, since it had to take into account the presence of students on the site throughout the construction period. There was also the pressure of time and budget, as the building had to be completed for the start of the school year.

Our response

What added value did the NFIC team provide? First of all, its in-depth knowledge of public procurement. Launching and assessing calls for tender, awarding contracts – we are experts in all the procedures related to this type of project. Our architectural sensitivity and our mastery of mixed constructions were also crucial, as was our expertise in making construction sites safe and renovating sites while still operational. In addition, our rigorous management ensured the success of the project, both in terms of deadlines and budgeting.