CossArena – Municipality of Cossonay


2013 - 2015

Owner of the project

Municipality of Cossonay


Fehlmann Architectes SA

Total cost

CHF 20 millions

The challenge

To replace the existing gym and canteen, the municipality of Cossonay opted for a visionary solution: a hall capable of hosting multiple activities that integrates perfectly with the local life of the municipality. As the old gymnasium was made of timber, the municipality wanted this material to be an integral part of the new project and to favour local species. The complex, designed by Fehlmann Architects, is based on an apparently simple and uncluttered construction, that is nonetheless particularly elaborate, with a concrete base topped by a timber structure with an impressive span of 28 metres.

Our response

This type of project, governed by public procurement law, has very specific requirements. NFIC showcased their experience by responding to the procedure and meeting the requirements for the tender. The work was carried out and completed below budget. However, it was a demanding project, since the building had to be integrated seamlessly with the landscape and the activities of the users, and also be equipped with complete sports facilities, while being perfectly soundproof and vibration-proof. Based on extensive and accurate calculations, we were able to optimise the structures accordingly.