Chauderon Bridge – Lausanne


2016 – 2017 & 2021

Owner of the project

City of Lausanne

Total cost

CHF 3 millions

The challenge

Listed as a Swiss cultural heritage site, the bridge built at the beginning of the 20th century is one of the symbols of Lausanne. In 2014, a study identified the need to strengthen the structure and improve the waterproofing. Some of the static elements of the abutments were also in an advanced state of deterioration. The mortar on the underside was non-breathable and, as a result, its colour tended to change. Repair was essential, but how could this be done without disrupting the traffic on this busy urban road?

Our response

Commissioned by the City of Lausanne, NFIC demonstrated all its technical expertise and experience of projects governed by public procurement law. To guarantee the watertightness, we used an innovative process which consists of applying a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) based resin. Carbon fibre strips were used to rehabilitate the abutments and strengthen the structure. The underside was fully hydro-blasted before a mineral-based paint was applied. Finally, the height of the pavements has been increased to ensure compliance. All works have been staggered to ensure traffic can continue to flow in both directions. As for the tight budget, it was fully met.