Les Balcons du Mont – Le Mont-sur-Lausanne


2013 – 2016

Owner of the project

Retraites Populaires


CCHE Lausanne SA

Total cost

CHF 80 millions

The challenge

Le Bugnon in Mont-sur-Lausanne is one of the most dynamic districts in the Lausanne region. In full development, it has been home to several projects in recent years, including the Balcons du Mont, a complex of 3 buildings managed by Retraites Populaires and designed by CCHE Architects. Combining housing, commercial premises and office buildings, the Balcons du Mont set themselves apart with their impressive height (the main tower is no less than 17 storeys high) and their carefully designed architecture with characteristic facades that elegantly combine load-bearing walls and external cladding.

Our response

For the construction of this project, NFIC called upon all its expertise in the realisation of complex structures, including ambitious cantilevers and slender towers. Other technical challenges also had to be overcome. For example, 3D models were needed to address wind and seismic issues for buildings of this height. In addition, a mixed system of deep foundations and generalized raft was used to deal with the heterogeneous geology of the site. However, all these efforts would have been in vain without rigorous financial management. Our team has proved to be as sharp as it is reliable, because it has been able to manage the allocated budgets.